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I'm not a regular bachelorette, I'm a cool bachelorette

And girl, we know you are! That is why your bachelorette weekend needs to stand out from the rest and why we are here for you.

So you and your #bridesquad just got into Nashville and are ready to get this weekend started. Whether you're the gal who has a daily schedule with times and events printed out for everyone, or you have no plans except to find the best froze in town, we want to offer some suggestions to really help you have the best weekend!

Arrington Vineyards

Arrington vineyards is about 30 minutes outside of the city, but is definitely worth the drive. You'll pass beautiful countryside and pull up to a quaint vineyard that is full of instagram potential. Once there, you can schedule a wine tasting (because, of course) or bring a picnic lunch & buy a bottle (or 3) to split while soaking in the beautiful scenery. This is a great option for the ladies who want to recoup from last nights bars and to channel your ~classiest~ self.

The Candle Bar

Why take home souvenir cups from chuys when you can take home a personalized candle to remember your awesome weekend? The Candle Bar takes party reservations and it's BYOB, what more could you ask for. You get to pick out your candle vessel, create your scent, and then hand pour it, can you say DOMESTIC AF?

Pinewood Social

Ok, so first and foremost, this place is ridiculously instagram worthy. From its crafty cocktails to its pristine aesthetic, this place is fun, flirty, AND serves brunch. But, if you don't want to spend your whole day waiting for said brunch, I highly suggest planning a night when you head here for a bowling night. Not only do you get to wear flats, but it's a hop skip and jump to downtown for the afterparty!

Local Breweries

Nashville is full of quality local breweries! Go check them out! Diskin Cidery, Yazoo, Little Harpeth, the list goes on and on. This is a great chance to get some good southern comfort bites, emjoy a beer, and prep for the evening.

These suggestions don't even begin to cover all that there is to do in Nashville, there's a little something for everyone here! If Unwrap Your Party is involved in decorating for your bachelorette weekend, we can also tailor a list of suggestions specifically for you & your girls! Also, don't forget about all of our fabulous concierge services including

  • Grocery shopping for your party before you arrive

  • Hiring a professional photographer to capture all your instagram worthy group photos

  • Scheduling limo services or hair & makeup

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