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Let's get this party started

Happy Holidays friends!

It's official, holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving just happened, now we can officially begin our December celebrations, & before we know it we will be ringing in the new year!

Woof, does anyone else feel like they need a nap after all that? *raises hand high*

So how can you take some of the stress off of your plate??

Recruit a couple neighbors & make it a progressive party

My old neighborhood used to do an annual progressive party where one house

would host the appetizers, another the "main food", and finally the dessert house. So why not follow the trend & get a couple of your friends to combine parties & take the stress off of all.

You've heard of meal prepping, yes? Well, let's talk about party prepping

I would say that the most stressful part of throwing a party would be food. And because we're not all rich & famous enough to always hire caterers, we usually find ourselves in the kitchen. Some ways to avoid the last minute hustle

  1. Read all your recipes & make a list

  2. Go grocery shopping like, 3 days in advance so that if you forgot something you've got plenty of time to run back

  3. Be specific when delegating who brings what so that you know what you won't need to prep for & there won't be 5 plates of quiches

Have a glass of wine, or 3... or 4.

Don't forget to treat yourself. Remember that these times of celebration are about getting people together & having a good time. At the end of the day, it's not about decor or centerpieces, playlists or games. It's about being in the moment & enjoying the time you all have to get together.

Hire Unwrap Your Party!!

On the real though, we are here for you & our entire goal is to help you put together a stress less party! We're all booked up for Christmas & New Years, but we all know that everyone is going to get engaged which means bachelorette parties & wedding showers in the spring, so be thinking about that!

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