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Where my Galentines at?!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you love it. But, it's VALENTINE’S DAY, ladies!!! Why is there always so much pressure on Valentines Day when there really doesn’t need to be?? Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or “it’s complicated” sometimes a night with your gals is all you need.

Nashville's Drippy Lips Mural by Eastside Murals / Designed by Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson


Here are a few of our favorite Galentine's Day celebrations!

Waffle & Mimosa Bar

A personal fav- Who doesn't want to eat waffles and drink champagne in their PJs? What better way to enjoy the evening than with waffles and mimosas?! Super simple and easy to pull together at the last minute. Just grab some waffle mix, berries, bacon, and of course champagne and orange juice. Whether you want to be snuggled in your pj’s on the couch or dressed up, a simple breakfast for dinner is always the key to a solid day.

Game Night Whether it’s Cards Against Humanity or Ellen’s Heads Up, you’ll most likely be laughing the whole night. Throw in some of that leftover champagne from the waffles *but honestly, you didn't have enough fun if there's leftover champagne, so go back and repeat Step 1 * ..You're guaranteed to at least make a fool of yourself, and what’s better than screaming at your best friends arguing about your acting it out skills?!

Binge Watch Cheer!

We were late to the Cheer! craze on Netflix with no intentions to watch, but luckily we're here to make sure you don't make the same mistake! Honestly, it's so addicting and entirely too easy to binge the whole season and also Instagram stalk every Navarro team member in one night. We warned you!!

Explore Your City

Is there a restaurant or a museum you’ve been talking about, but haven’t checked it out yet? What about that new Mexican place in the Gulch? You already know we're already fully versed on their tequila selection! :) Have you checked out the new Graduate hotel yet?? I’m so guilty of always frequenting the same restaurants while my list of places to try continues to grow. Go get coffee. Go get a drink. Go adventure and cross it off the list.

And finally, if you feel like going all out, get dressed up and complete all 4!! Start your day with waffles & mimosas, take a tipsy tour, grab lunch at a new restaurant, then have everyone over to Binge Cheer! and play Cards Against Humanity.

Now, go grab some champagne and let's get this party started!

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